• Thư Hiên Dịch Trường, a thoughtful CSR project of DBA Interiors, is a philosophy-based library in Sài Gòn. We provide readers with seamless access to information and knowledge of more than 10,000 books ranging from Philosophy to Dictionary & Language.

  • Moreover, we are a publisher that supports local translators by supplying abundant materials and a professional publishing process, with a mission to diligently harness and precisely bring foreign philosophers' wisdom to Vietnamese readers.

  • TS. Dương Ngọc Dũng
    Managing Director

    Dương Ngọc Dũng holds a Ph.D in Religious Studies from Boston University, an MA in East Asian Studies from Harvard University and an MBA from UBI - Belgium. Dr. Dung has 30 years of international experience in education and training in diverse fields such as Philosophy, Literature, Religions, International Relations, Business, etc. He has held a variety of senior teaching & collaborating positions at USSH - HCMC, Banking University - HCMC, UBI - Belgium, University of Bolton, etc. Currently, he is the Director of Philosophy Program at HSU. He was also CEO of Creative Media Consulting and Superbrain Corporation.


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